Wildlands came about from a desire to guide people in to the outdoors, in an authentic and as sustainable manner as possible.

With all our trips we aim to keep our impact to the environment as low as possible, source supplies locally where we can, and to give back to those who work to make our world a better place. In all areas we travel through we make a donation to those land mangers who are actively work to re-wild our lands and to the rescue teams who volunteer the time and skills to support those of us who travel in to the outdoors.

With a strong background in outdoor education and adventure travel in many parts of the world our team are ideally suited to guiding you on your next adventure. All our staff are highly experienced in the activities they lead, and hold national governing body qualifications as well as outdoor first aid training.

Having moved to a plant based diet, and found not just benefits to the environment and animal welfare, but to health we now make our trips predominantly plant based. We don’t wish to exclude anyone from our trips, we’re just not in to that. It really doesn’t matter what you eat, we’re not here to judge, just to make sure you have an awesome trip. In fact we only every talk about the positives of our diet (we don’t like militant types) and have found that our endurance has increased and inflammation decreased since becoming plant based, which all goes to make these adventures that little bit easier. We can go further, and recover quicker.